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Freezie Pink Mix Bag

Step into a Pink Paradise with Our Freezie Pink Mix Bag! 

Calling all candy connoisseurs! We've crafted a freeze-dried fantasy just for you - our fabulous Freezie Pink Mix Bag is the ultimate treat for anyone with a passion for pink and a craving for crunch!

Discover a whimsical world of sweet, pink delights, specially selected and freeze-dried to create an exhilarating snacking experience. Each bag is packed with a dreamy assortment of your pink favorites:

Squashies Original – The beloved raspberry and milk flavor now has a delightfully crispy edge!
Strawberry Bonbons – A classic confection, with an intensified strawberry burst and a crunchy surprise!
Wham Tastics – Get ready for a tangy twist that's fantastically fizzy and fabulously frozen!
Starbursts – All Reds – Unwrap a star-studded treat of your favorite red flavors with a satisfying snap!
Pink Marshmallows – These fluffy clouds of sweetness have turned into irresistible crispy bites!
Watermelon Rings – Savor the taste of summer with a juicy crunch that's refreshingly cool!
Skittles – Desserts – Your favorite dessert flavors now come with a fun and frosty texture!
Pink Paintball – Aim for flavor with these sharp-shooting sweets, now more explosive than ever!

Indulge your senses and add a pop of pink to your day for just £5.50! It's the perfect way to pamper yourself or surprise someone special.

Ready to dive in? Order online now at  www.charliescheekysweets.co.uk or send a sweet message to me or Danielle to grab your Freezie Pink Mix Bag. Hurry – these pink delights are just too good to last!

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the product information provided, please be aware that products and their ingredients may change. It is advisable to always refer to the product label for information regarding ingredients, nutrition, dietary claims, and allergens. 

Please note that Charlies Cheeky Sweets cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies in the information provided. 

If you require any assistance with ingredients, feel free to contact us at your convenience. Please be advised that we hold no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.


Delivery Info: 
DPD 1-2 Day Service - £5.00
FREE LOCAL DELIVERY - this covers the below areas ONLY
3, 7, 12, 9, 18, 28, 2
DA: 16, 15, 17, 9, 7, 6, 5, 14, 1, 2, 18
BR: 7, 1


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